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  • Arrive in Akaroa

    There are several ways to get to Akaroa - bus (Akaroa Shuttle and French Connection), rent/buy a car or hitch a ride.

  • Getting to the beginning of the track

    After you have made a booking and we have confirmed, a shuttle will pick you up at 5.45pm in front of old post office. Leave your car parked in Akaroa. If you do not have a car you may wish to leave your bags at a backpackers in town.

  • If you plan to arrive after 5.45PM

    There is only one shuttle a day for the track so late arrivals will need to arrange a way to get to Onuku on your own (hitch a ride, get a taxi or walk (1,5h).

  • Leaving your own vehicle at our parking lot

    If you wish to leave your car at the Onuku Farm you will need to arrange a way to pick it up on your own.

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03 304 7066


We also have a backpackers hostel, campground and vanpark located on an old active farm with amazing walks and activities so check out